Your Dream Design Job: When plans change

We are excited to introduce a brand new event - “Your Dream Design Job” - to Belfast Design Week 2017 on Sunday 5th November.  The aim of the event is to provide support to those wanting to work in the design industry with the help of experts in a range of fields. Our afternoon event will be multidisciplinary and includes Terry Corr, a talented Creative Consultant who has over 25 years experience of building brands and businesses. We caught up with Terry ahead of the event to find out a bit more about his experience as a designer and how he achieved his own dream design job.

As a Creative Consultant, Terry works across many different platforms and media in order to reach a business’s target audience - from online to offline advertising such as print, radio, TV and press.  Terry has worked on many different projects in order to help build brands within Northern Ireland, including Thompson’s Family Teas and Translink. 

At the age of 18, Terry’s “Dream Design Job” was to be a record sleeve designer, inspired by artists such as Roger Dean, who worked on many album covers using his fantasy style, landscape paintings. We asked him how his career plans progressed from the age of 18 and how he got to where he is today.

Terry first worked as a graphic designer for a print company and then became a visualiser for a newspaper. “My career evolved unplanned,” he said, “I fell into different things after my first job.” 

“I came to the point where I had to direct and manage people as opposed to doing the physical production.”  At this stage in his career, Terry was working as an Art Director/Consultant which was challenging and required some personal readjustment.

In 1989, Terry began work as a Creative Director which he left last year in order to work freelance as a Creative Consultant. With so much experience behind him and with his incredible design talent, Terry knows the importance of well-structured design and recommends that those who may be working towards a career in the creative field should avoid disappointment that comes from cheap design.  He says,“Be prepared to work, work, work and enjoy what you do”.

Although Terry’s career didn’t go according to plan he says that it has been good. In order to remain content with your design career Terry’s advice is to “stay true to your work” andto have integrity while also working somewhere where creativity is highly valued.

We look forward to hearing from Terry during Belfast Design Week 2017!

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Interview by Alice Muir