Your Dream Design Job: Graphic Design & Illustration

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Your Dream Design Job is an event that is taking place as part of Belfast Design Week this November. It is a day of inspirational talks and workshops aimed to help designers take the right steps to achieve their dream design career. The day will involve design skills training that will provide industry-specific skills and knowledge. 

We got in touch with some young designers who are currently working towards their dream design job and found out about their plans for the future and how the growth of the creative industry in Northern Ireland will help them achieve these goals.

Fruzsi Czech is a current student of Ulster University, studying Graphic Design and Illustration and is seeking a future within the design industry. She started her course in September, and is already reaping the benefits, “the course is really amazing and challenging at times, but I feel like it has been bringing more and more creativity to the surface.” Fru has been working with graphic design for a long time and has worked on some incredible projects, including creating images for Caffè Nero and working on design within her community.

“My dream design job would be something that is quite free, and possible related to reading. I would love to illustrate book or design covers for them.” Even though Fru is currently seeking a degree, it isn’t stopping her from building on her design skills and portfolio outside of her lectures and assignments; she is creating a website that will help to advertise her talent and will allow her to add more and more of her work as she progresses in her design career.

 Unlike many students, Fruzsi decided to start university at a later age, when she knew what she wanted to do in life and was ready to undertake such a large challenge. She chose Ulster University because of the large amount of support it gives to artists and designers within Northern Ireland and although she has been creating pieces of work for commission, she knew that this was the right step to progress and reach her dream design job, “I really enjoyed working on [commissions], but I felt like I was missing a few pillars. I could have kept building my knowledge and experience without these, but the outcome would never be as strong as I know it can be with some guidance.”.

Fruzsi has found a great amount of comfort for her work within the creative industries in Northern Ireland by surrounding herself with people who are working towards similar goals or also have a creative mindset. She says, “[The creative industry in Northern Ireland] has helped me see that there is so much that talented people can do, especially if they reach out to others in similar circumstances.”

Interview by Alice Muir

Your Dream Design Job is on Sunday 5th November at The Ulster Museum: