Design Story: Kenney Hamill of Hamill Bosket Design

Please introduce yourself and the organisation:

I am Kenney Hamill one part of Hamill Bosket Design with 32 year’s experience in brand development. My key skills are in critical thinking, brand management, strategic planning and customer relations. At HBD our experience and expertise lie in brand identity, visual communications, internal communications, exhibitions, packaging, signage systems and interactive media. We’ve been doing pretty much just that and only that for the last 26 years both locally & globally. In that time we’ve learned just how effective we can be when we work in partnership with our clients – building relationships out of respect, understanding and mutual trust.

What are you hoping to bring to BDW?

We would like to show that it’s possible to be both strategic and creative. In our view, there’s only one thing worse than implementing a bad idea, and that’s a executing a good idea poorly. Our approach is to put design excellence at the centre of everything we do. This way we can create a measurable difference for all our clients; express their sustainable competitive advantage and at the same time develop local & global brands that consumers and customers can connect with emotionally and rationally. To achieve this we have developed a process that maximises information capture and transfer as well as incorporate all aspects of the design process – scoping the project, defining the market, research, benchmarking, visualisation, concept. 

Can you tell us a bit about Designing for Export and why it is important?

Entering the crowed export market requires scale & structure. This requires good design planning. Our brand needs to be know who and what it is, we need to be very clear how the brand wants customers to interact with it. This means communicating with clarity and simplicity, researching the market and understanding customer need.

How does it shape future heritage and vice versa?

Our customers are becoming increasing demanding, brands need to need to be agile, adaptive and set the pace in crowded markets, create differentiation and add value to the product or service experience. Reaching customers and winning them over means more than creating things for them to buy. To become engaged, customers have to identify with what’s on offer and be delighted by their experience .

Who should attend the Invest NI - Design for Export event?

Anyone who understands the importance of effective design to their business.

What benefit would that individual or company get from attending the event? Research shows that today’s most successful companies are great design thinkers. They operate with a clear determination to be helpful and delightful for their audiences by constantly improving the design of their businesses and the experiences they create. By Introduce design-thinking into your organization. Have confidence that one delighted person will create another.

What do you hope for the future of design in Belfast?

That we continue to produce design that is comparable with any major international city.

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