BDW Ideation Sessions

We organised two ideation sessions on Thursday 27th June to meet new people and gather new ideas from those wanting to get involved and support our festival in 2019. We were joined by enterprise officers, UX and product designers, accessories and textile designers and design and branding agencies.

Some of the key themes that came out of the sessions were:

  • SKILLS & CAREERS - further skills, enterprise and careers support and linking in to younger design audiences both academic and non-academic

  • DESIGN MAKERS - suggestions for talks or workshops from more “physical” designers in the product, materials, fashion, craft and jewellery sub-sectors

  • COLLABORATION - interdisciplinary design projects, particularly in universities where departments may never meet

  • KNOWLEDGE - improving the understanding of design and its wider impact

  • ENVIRONMENT - sustainability and the design industry’s commitment to it in a real and achievable way

  • EMERGING SECTORS - the future of tech in design - what’s next and what should we be working towards

  • PLAY - design for play, relaxation and experimentation

If you weren’t able to join us but would like to send us some ideas, please fill in the form below:

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