The Power of 5: A new partnership with Turf & Grain Magazine

Independent journalism is incredibly important for sharing stories, perspectives and ideas not always included in mainstream media, and is particularly important for the world right now.  

In Northern Ireland, magazines like Turf & Grain, Freckle, Rally & The Tangerine have been and continue to be important for keeping independent journalism and creativity alive and we believe that the freedom they allow is vital to giving power back to us all; to the people. 

We came across the first issue of Turf & Grain Magazine in Indigo Coffee + Gelato a couple of years back.  The first issue was on “Youth” and featured young people across the island of Ireland speaking about their experiences growing up. What particularly struck us about the magazine - even back then - was that it was well designed and written and looked like it could sit side by side with any international publication.  Since then, the magazine has covered the themes of “Outdoors,” “Makers” & “Women” and the upcoming 5th issue will be on “Migration.”


Image: Turf & Grain Issue 5 Mockup by Simon Worthington

With its gorgeous photography and fascinating stories from all over Ireland, Turf & Grain has built a dedicated following both locally and internationally and is now sold in outlets in the UK & Ireland and beyond including in the USA in the MoMA.

In a series of happy coincidences over the past year, we kept running into Turf & Grain founder Simon Worthington and finally sat down to a series of valuable meetings with him in 2019 in which we discovered we had lots in common with our aims and ambitions for building community, sharing knowledge and stories and contributing to great design and visual culture in our region.  


Image (Left - Right):

Ciaran Hurson for the BDW publication by Kalie Reid, Behind-the-scenes shoot by Kellyn Bowler

Belfast Design Week is going into its 5th year as Turf & Grain enters its 5th issue and we are delighted to have Simon and the rest of Team Turf on board curating and designing a podcast and publication featuring design stories from our island and beyond.  We hope to in turn support them with the next steps of Turf & grain and its community.

Turf & Grain are launching a Kickstarter this Thursday 15th August to support the next part of the magazine and to create a T&G community.  If you are able to, we hope you can support the campaign through backing it or sharing it as widely as you can. We will be sharing the link here once it is live.