Designer Spotlight: Tamsin Blackbourn X Belfast Design Week

It’s easy to get short-sighted when shopping for clothes. We often browse and buy on a whim without consideration of clothes’ quality, sourcing or sustainability. Tamsin Blackbourn hopes to change this with her responsible ready-to-wear range.

Tamsin launched her label in Belfast in 2014 and has since relocated her one-woman factory to County Cork. We remember when Tamsin started her line she told me it was a movement against the “prevalent trend of disposable fashion”. She has designed a minimalist manufacturing process that curtails its impact on the environment and advocates ethical practice throughout procurement.

Tamsin’s designs are simple but timeless. Her selection of crisp blouses, skirts and dresses are all very neat but very customisable. For Designed By. we’ve paired her retro-fitting fashion with the quirky glasses range from Crosseyes.

What we love most about Tamsin’s brand is the move away from “fast fashion” and the quiet gesture that in this western world where we have the luxury and liberty to choose our own wardrobes, we should slow down our shopping habits and find greater appreciation of the finer crafting and stories behind the threads. If there are any alterations needed in the fashion industry, it’s this tailoring of the attitude that we can learn from Tamsin.