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Fringe: Create-Re-Think-Wow - Design Thinking for Business Growth

  • Blick Studios 52 Hill Street Belfast, BT1 2LB United Kingdom (map)

Create-Re-Think-Wow - Design Thinking for Business Growth
Practical design tools to enhance innovation

This talk aims to demystify design thinking by translating “design” from an abstract idea into a practical, everyday tool any entrepreneur can profit from.

Gifted designers combine an aesthetic sensibility with deep capabilities for visualization, ethnography, and pattern recognition that are well beyond the grasp of most of us – entrepreneurs included. But when it comes to fostering business growth, the talent that we are interested in is not rooted in either natural gifts or studio training—it lies with having a systematic approach to problem solving. Like any process, design thinking will be practiced at varying levels by people with different talents and capabilities.

Using a business perspective, we’ll translate the vocabulary of design, unpack the mysterious connection between design thinking and profitable growth, introduce a systematic process and share with you the 10 tools you’ll need to marry the design approach to traditional business thinking in ways that enhance your ability to profitably grow your business.

It is a practical workshop, 

What would be different if entrepreneurs thought more like designers?

1. Design is all about action, and business too often gets stuck at the talking stage.

2. Design teaches us how to make things feel real, and most business rhetoric today remains largely irrelevant to the people who are supposed to make things happen

3. Design is tailored to dealing with uncertainty, and business’s obsession with analysis is best suited for a stable and predictable world

4. Design understands that products and services are bought by human beings, not target markets segmented into demographic categories

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