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Designers of the Future: Emoji Design Workshop

Every year the Unicode Consortium decides on additional emojis to join the current batch. Anyone can submit a proposal for an emoji character, could your idea be accepted next year?

The workshop will be aimed at 8 - 12 year olds.

Students will work in groups to create/develop a new emoji to added to 2019 list. They will guided through the process using design thinking strategies, and will learn about how to visually create represent their emoji, by one of MakeMatic's animators.

Facilitated by Tara Walsh and Claire Bethell Makematic

Claire Bethell is the Motion Graphics Artist at MakeMatic. She has experience in graphic design and a passion for illustration. Tara is the Senior Learning Designer at MakeMatic. She has worked internationally in secondary and higher education, and corporate training for over 15 years.